Pre-Owned Discs


      These discs are pre-owned. Some are in new condition while others show signs of use. The description will indicate the condition of each disc individually.

      Disc Condition Scale:
      10/10: New / Unused - Never thrown. Condition of a brand-new disc. 
      9/10: Field Tested - Excellent condition. No major scrapes or wear. Almost new.
      8/10: Slightly Used - Very little scrapes, rashing, or signs of use. Very good condition.
      7/10: Mild Damage - Mild scrapes or dings. No major damage. Disc shape is unchanged.
      6/10: Moderate Damage - Possible gashes, warping, major rash, dings, or scrapes.
      5/10: Highly Used - Very pronounced wear, scrapes, warps, or gouges.

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