Infinite Discs I-Blend Sphinx

Infinite Discs I-Blend Sphinx

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The Sphinx is the ideal disc for newcomers seeking a crossover between a distance and control driver—striking the balance of extended distance without fading prematurely. With its understable release and a manageable speed rating, the Sphinx effortlessly glides with ease, making it perfect for players honing in their accuracy.

For seasoned players, the Sphinx transforms into a valuable, understable utility disc, excelling in hyzer-flips, long anhyzer throws, and powerful rollers. Its versatility ensures its enduring presence in any disc golf bag, proving itself as a reliable and timeless addition for players of all levels. The Sphinx is not just a disc; it's a constant companion that stands the test of time on the course.

Speed: 9.0
Glide: 6.0
Turn: -3.0
Fade: 1.0

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Daleville, alabama

Chalkerhaus Adventure Co.

Chalkerhaus is an outdoor adventure boutique specializing in premium outdoor apparel brands, disc golf, complete skate and longboards, along with a growing selection of camp and hike essentials.

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This store is amazing! My son and I stopped in here on our way home the other day, and I’m so glad that we did! My son is usually difficult to shop for, but he kept raving about all the great selection they have. He bought a couple shirts and a water bottle. As we were leaving to get in the car, he asked me for a gift card for Christmas from Chalkerhaus so he could purchase some more shirts and a flannel. They also have shoes, sunglasses, outdoor gear, games, disc golfs, skate boards…etc. And the candle I got makes my living room smell fantastic! The owners are super nice, the environment is welcoming, and we just had such a positive experience. Thank you for bringing this gem to the Wiregrass!

T. Matula
Local Guide

Thank you for being welcoming when I stopped by today. I appreciate you taking the time to inform me about all of the products. It is also amazing to learn about some of the Daleville ties with some of the products.

I will definitely shop again.

Kevin Turley
Daleville, Al

Great selection of outdoor and disc golf gear. Boutique feel for the outdoors person.

Todd Walz
Wiregrass Area

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